App Store
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Amazon Appstore
Google Play
Disk Encryption
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Apple FileVault
McAfee Endpoint Encryption
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Symantec Drive Encryption
Email Accounts
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Yahoo! Mail
Email Alternatives

Bitmessage is a promising alternative to email, but it has not yet been audited by security professionals. Use at your own risk. If you decide to try out Bitmessage, make sure to generate a completely random ID to greatly reduce the probability of ID collisions.

RetroShare has not been thoroughly audited by security professionals for possible security issues.

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Email Clients

Switching from a proprietary service like Gmail to one of the more transparently-run email services on PRISM Break is the first step to a secure email account.

The second step is getting you and your contacts to encrypt your plain text messages with PGP encryption. This section contains free email clients that support PGP.

Read the Email Self-Defense guide by the Free Software Foundation to learn how to encrypt your email messages.

Here is a guide by Security In A Box to encrypting your email with Mozilla Thunderbird, GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), and Enigmail.

Find out more about the differences between Mozilla Thunderbird and Icedove.

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Apple Mail
Microsoft Office Outlook
رمزنگاری ایمیل

“Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) یک برنامه‌ی رایانه‌ای رمزگذاری و رمزگشایی اطّلاعات است که محرمانگی رمزی و صحّت داده‌های تبادلی را فراهم می‌کند. PGP اغلب برای امضا کردن، رمزگذاری و رمزگشایی متون، ای‌میل‌ها، پرونده‌ها، شاخه‌ها و پارتیشن‌های کامل دیشک برای افزایش امنیت ارتباطات ای‌میلی به کار می‌رود.”


Read the Email Self-Defense guide by the Free Software Foundation to learn how to encrypt your email messages.

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Enterprise Suite
The enterprise suite category is for solutions for organizations that cover more than 10 categories in an integrated fashion (ex.: logins work throughout all apps, etc.)
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Zoho Office Suite
Office 365 Enterprise E5
Google Apps for Work
File Storage & Sync

Why not MEGA? While MEGA is free as in beer, the software is proprietary code.

Why not SpiderOak? SpiderOak is proprietary software.

Why not Tarsnap? Tarsnap is partially proprietary and hosts your data on Amazon Web Services.

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Apple iCloud
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
libreCMC is an FSF-endorsed derivation of OpenWrt with the proprietary blobs removed. If your device is supported by libreCMC, definitely use it over OpenWrt.
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برنامه پیام رسان
Free Recommendations

“Off-the-Record Messaging, commonly referred to as OTR, is a cryptographic protocol that provides strong encryption for instant messaging conversations. OTR uses a combination of the AES symmetric-key algorithm, the Diffie–Hellman key exchange, and the SHA-1 hash function. In addition to authentication and encryption, OTR provides perfect forward secrecy and malleable encryption.

The primary motivation behind the protocol was providing deniability for the conversation participants while keeping conversations confidential, like a private conversation in real life, or off the record in journalism sourcing.”



Note that Pidgin stores your IM account passwords in plain text. You can avoid this by (1) not saving your password in Pidgin, (2) encrypting your file system, or (3) storing your Pidgin password securely with the Debian package pidgin-gnome-keyring.

Pidgin with OTR and dbus enabled has a local security bug. See the upstream bug report for more information and possible workarounds.

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AOL Instant Messenger
Apple Messages
Google Hangouts
Viber Messenger
Google Allo
Tencent QQ
Mail Servers

A beginner’s guide to running your own mail server is available here: “NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours”.

Kolab integrates Roundcube into its webclient and offers desktop clients as well. Recent versions also feature a file cloud turning it into a complete solution for personal information management.

What is an MTA?

“Within Internet message handling services (MHS), a message transfer agent or mail transfer agent (MTA) or mail relay is software that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another using a client–server application architecture. An MTA implements both the client (sending) and server (receiving) portions of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

The terms mail server, mail exchanger, and MX host may also refer to a computer performing the MTA function. The Domain Name System (DNS) associates a mail server to a domain with mail exchanger (MX) resource records containing the domain name of a host providing MTA services.”

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Mesh Networks

A mesh-networks is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, with user-controlled physical links that are usually wireless.

“Mesh networking (topology) is a type of networking where each node must not only capture and disseminate its own data, but also serve as a relay for other nodes, that is, it must collaborate to propagate the data in the network.“


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Operating Systems
Free Recommendations

اپل، گوگل و مایکروسافت اعضای پریسم هستند. سیستم‌های عامل انحصاری آن‌ها نمی‌تواند اطّلاعات شخصی شما را از NSA محفوظ بدارد.

این ما را با دو جایگزین آزاد مواجه می‌کند: گنو/لینوکس و بی‌اس‌دی.

گنو/لینوکس جامعه‌ی بزرگ‌تری برای کمک به مهاجرت شما دارد. توصیه می‌شود کاوش خود را با گشتن به دنبال یک توزیع گنو/لینوکس که مناسب نیازهاییتان باشد آغاز کنید.

چرا اوبونتو نه؟ اوبونتو انتخاب جندان مطمينی نیست، زیرا که برخی معتقدند در گذشته حاوی جاسوس‌افزار بود.

توجّه: PRISM Break نسخه‌ی بدون رمزگشای لینوکس مینت را توصیه می‌کند، چرا که نسخه‌های دیگر آن شامل برنامه‌هایی با پتنت‌های نرم‌افزاری هستند. اطّلاعات بیش‌تر.

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Apple macOS
Apple macOS Server
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Server
Operating Systems (Live)

A live distribution like Tails is the fastest and easiest way to a secure operating system. All you have to do is create a bootable CD or USB drive with the files provided and you’re set. Everything else will be preconfigured for you.

A virtual machine (VM) image like Whonix is designed to be run inside of a virtualization package like VirtualBox. VirtualBox can be installed on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Solaris. This means that if you're stuck using Windows or macOS for whatever reason, you can install VirtualBox and use Whonix to increase your privacy and security.

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Operating Systems (Mobile)

iOS and WP are proprietary operating systems whose source code are not available for auditing by third parties. You should entrust neither your communications nor your data to a black box device.

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Apple iOS
Google Android
Microsoft Windows Phone
افزونه مرورگرها

Installing your own add-ons into the Tor Browser is not recommended, as they may bypass Tor or otherwise harm your anonymity and privacy. Check the EFF's Panopticlick to see how trackable your browser configuration is by third parties.

If you're using a Firefox-based browser, you can safeguard your browsing habits and stop advertising companies from tracking you by installing uBlock Origin, Request Policy, and HTTPS Everywhere.

A more advanced alternative to Request Policy would be uMatrix.

Install NoScript and enable ‘Forbid scripts globally’ to improve the security of your browser by preventing 0day JavaScript attacks. This is a drastic option as it will render many websites unusable as they rely heavily on JavaScript. NoScript offers a whitelist you can use to selectively enable JavaScript for sites you trust, but this is considered especially bad for your anonymity if you're using NoScript with the Tor Browser Bundle.

Why is Adblock Plus not recommended? Adblock Plus shows “acceptable ads” by default, which works against the purpose of the add-on. Either disable acceptable ads or use uBlock Origin instead.

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Web Browsers

از ترکیب مرورگر تور و یک مرورگر وب آزاد به انتخاب خودتان برای وب‌گردی استفاده کنید.

سعی کنید تا جای ممکن از مرورگر تور استفاده کنید. مرور با تور ممکن است کمی کندتر باشد، ولی بسیار امن‌تر است.

توجّه: فایرفاکس موزیلا تکنیکالی به طور کامل نرم‌افزار آزاد نیست، زیرا که موزیلا افزونه‌های غیرآزاد را در وبگاهش توصیه می‌کند.

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Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Web Hosting

DuckDuckGo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted around the world that provides you with anonymous search results from these sources. DDG open source components are available here.

There is also a DuckDuckGo hidden service at 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion for Tor users.

MetaGer is a SaaS by the German non-profit SUMA e.V. that provides you with anonymous meta search results.

Startpage is a SaaS hosted in the USA and the Netherlands that provides you with anonymous Google search and image results through a free proxy.

Ixquick (run by the same company as Startpage) is a meta search engine that returns combined results from nearly 100 sources - excluding Google.

Seeks acts as a personalizing Web server or proxy between you and your data feeds. Connect most search engines, RSS/ATOM feeds, Twitter/Identica, Youtube/Dailymotion, wikis, and basically any source of data, and Seeks will produce a fused personalized stream of results to your queries. See list of Web Seeks nodes.

Tor users may use Seeks hidden service at 5plvrsgydwy2sgce.onion.

YaCy is a promising project that offers fully decentralized peer-to-peer search. The more people who start using it, the better the results will become.

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Google Search
Yahoo Search
Microsoft Bing
Yandex Search