Warning: The Android operating system provided with phones and tablets is often modified with the addition of proprietary applications from Google or others and may compromise your privacy. We strongly recommend replacing it with Replicant (or compile Android from source for your device).

A must read: Mission Impossible: Hardening Android for Security and Privacy, by Mike Perry at The Tor Blog.

App Store
Amazon Appstore
Google Play
Google Authenticator
Enterprise Suite
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The enterprise suite category is for solutions for organizations that cover more than 10 categories in an integrated fashion (ex.: logins work throughout all apps, etc.)
G Suite
Office 365
Zoho Office Suite
File Storage & Sync
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Unngå BitTorrent Sync, MEGA, SpiderOak og Tarsnap. Disse er proprietære programmer, og du har ingen garanti for at de bryr seg om din rett til personvern.

Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Google News
Operating Systems (Mobile)
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iOS and WP are proprietary operating systems whose source code are not available for auditing by third parties. You should entrust neither your communications nor your data to a black box device.

BlackBerry 10
Password Managers
Google Docs
Microsoft Outlook
Zoho Docs
Utvidelser til nettleser
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Installing your own add-ons into Tor Browser is not recommended, as they may bypass Tor or otherwise harm your anonymity and privacy. Check the EFF's Panopticlick to see how trackable your browser configuration is by third parties.

If you're using a Firefox-based browser, you can safeguard your browsing habits and stop advertising companies from tracking you by installing uBlock Origin, Request Policy, and HTTPS Everywhere.

A more advanced alternative to Request Policy would be uMatrix.

Install NoScript and enable ‘Forbid scripts globally’ to improve the security of your browser by preventing 0day JavaScript attacks. This is a drastic option as it will render many websites unusable as they rely heavily on JavaScript. NoScript offers a whitelist you can use to selectively enable JavaScript for sites you trust, but this is considered especially bad for your anonymity if you're using NoScript with Tor Browser.

Why is Adblock Plus not recommended? Adblock Plus shows “acceptable ads” by default, which works against the purpose of the add-on. Either disable acceptable ads or use uBlock Origin instead.

Web Browsers
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Betjen verdensvevet med en kombinasjon av Tor Browser og en fri nettleser. Det anbefales å bruke Tor til så mye som mulig. Å betjene vevet gjennom Tor kan være litt tregere enn uten, men det vil medføre bedre anonymitet. Les litt om Tor før du begynner å bruke det.

Pass på dersom du bruker PayPal eller banksider, så kan det hende at de deres anti-svindel-systemer tror at du er en illegitim bruker. Pass også på at du bruker HTTPS istedenfor HTTP, slik at ingen kan fange opp informasjonen din. Pass særlig på at du alltid bruker HTTPS på sider du må logge inn for å bruke.

Mozilla Firefox bruker Google sin søkemotor som standard. Du burde heller anvende en søkemotor som tar hensyn til ditt personvern.

Hvis du lurer på hvorfor PRISM break ikke anbefaler Chromium, les her.

Google Chrome
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DuckDuckGo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted around the world that provides you with anonymous search results from these sources. DDG open source components are available here.

There is also a DuckDuckGo hidden service at 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion for Tor users.

MetaGer is a SaaS by the German non-profit SUMA e.V. that provides you with anonymous meta search results.

Startpage is a SaaS hosted in the USA and the Netherlands that provides you with anonymous Google search and image results through a free proxy.

Google Search
Microsoft Bing
Yahoo Search
Yandex Search
World Maps
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OpenStreetMap er helt fritt. Koden er fri, og databasen er fri. For at OpenStreetMap skal bli en bedre tjeneste er det bare å bidra til prosjektet. Alle kan hjelpe til!

Bing Maps
Google Earth
Google Maps